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설  교 (Sermon)

Date : 20-03-02 10:01
Who Controls a Nation (Ps 33:12)
 Writer : 관리자 (73.♡.173.231)
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In 1990s when President George Bush led America, for the first time, used the political phrase: New World Order. The concept of a New World Order was the driving principle of Nimrod when he built the tower of Babel 4,000 year ago. The purpose of the tower of Babel was to defy the authority of God and to drive Him out of the affairs of men. It was satanic and demonic, manifesting itself by the occult symbols that were attached to its side. 

In the 12th century BC, the Babylonian kingdom was the first of several great empires to rule the world. It was the most evil any that followed. The Medes and the Persians were the next great empire to achieve world domination. The most progressive one world order was established by the Greeks. The Roman empire, the last successful world order, was virulently anti-Semitic and anti-Christians. Under the emperor Nero, Christians were fed to the lions and hung as grotesque human torches for his garden parties. In A.D. 70, the Romans, under General Titus, finally destroyed Jerusalem. In the great temptation of Jesus, Satan himself proposed a New World Order. Satan says, "All these things I will give You, if You will fall down and worship me." 

Today, Satan through world statesmen is promising a world without war and an end to hunger, and heaven on earth. 

The Illuminati

There has been the confusing and mysterious story of the Illuminati. It was a supersecret European organization of international financial power brokers whose goal was to bring about worldwide economic stability but whose quick success, and sometimes very hostile resistance, prompted the grandiose goal of worldwide dominion. Born at a time of great rebellion against the corrupt, organized church and influenced by the radicalism of the French Revolution, their leadership was exclusively atheistic, with the notable exception of several committed, practicing satanists.  

At various times in recent centuries, the power and reach of this organization within world financial and governmental circles has been astounding-a virtual banking-governmental mafia. Look on the backside of an American dollar bill and you will see three Latin words in English translation, "New World Order." These words are carried on a waving banner just under a pyramid and topped by an all-seeing eye. 

Hitler's Attempt

In his 1932 election bid, Adolf Hitler told the people of Germany, "If you will elect me as the Fuhrer of this nation, I will introduce a New World Order that will last a thousand years." Later on, 20 million people died because of Hitler's "new order," including 6 million innocent Jewish men, women, and children. 

The Communist Deception

Communism is the political and economic doctrine that abolishes private ownership in favor of the state controlling the means of production in an effort to create economic equality and end the exploitation of workers. For decades after Word War II, the United States and the Soviet Union, two global superpowers representing capitalism and communism, respectively, engaged in the Cold War as both sought economic and military superiority. The Soviet Union spread communism throughout most of Eastern Europe, including the socialist state of East Germany. 

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, so did many communist governments. Almost all communist nations severely restricted freedoms and continue to engage in tactics aimed at repressing dissent. The number of communist nations has dwindled in recent decades as the world continues to embrace free markets. Today, only five remain: Cuba, China, North Korea, Laos, and Vietnam.  

The United Nations

After World War I, President Woodrow Wilson called for a one world order, the Leage of Nations, but failed. But the idea surfaced again after Hitler. In 1946, the United Nations was born. And in January 1991, President George Bush proclaimed a New World Order during the Persian Gulf War. But the UN, so far, has been for Arab countries and against Israel, and condemned the United States in many agenda. 

Nowadays, there is the destruction of nationalism and patriotism. The Korean War was a United Nations War; it was called a police action. For the first time in America's history we went to war without the objective of winning. General Douglas MacArthur resigned and said, "There is no substitute for victory." Vietnam was a controlled war. We could not attack the enemy sanctuaries. We could not mine the harbors. As a result, America was portrayed to the world as a loser. For twelve years our sons bled and died, and we couldn't whip Vietnam. Patriotism in America reached an all-time low. U.S. soldiers came home and were literally so[it on by the American public. 

Understand that 85 percent of the membership of the United Nations consists of third-world representatives who hate America. Around the world we are called "The Great Satan." You should know that the taxpayers of America, pay 90 percent of the annual budget of the United Nations. The rest of the world pays 10 percent. The United Nations traditionally votes against Israel. Zionism has already been labeled by the United Nations as racism. Most delegates to the United Nations come from third-world countries, most of which are Islamic. Unity, at the expense of truth, is the gospel of the New World Order. 

The Attacks on Three Areas

It is on the God and the church. In the Bible, the prophets warned that a great persecution of believers would come. You represent the kingdom of God and you are a hindrance to the New World Order. Your credibility and your confidence must be shaken in your leaders, it must be shaken in your cause, and finally it must be shaken in yourselves. Evangelicals are being attacked through the law, through the media, through Hollywood, and through the educational system under the control of the National Education Association. Nowadays, the Christians are being attacked by them. 

It is on education and the school. Understand that the Supreme Court has already ruled it unconstitutional for the Ten Commandments to be posted on a school classroom wall. The public school system are attacking God. Teachers are teaching homosexuality, contraceptive method in the classroom instead of God and the Bible. 

It is on the family. There must be the destruction of the traditional family. More than one third of children are born by promiscuity of parents and raising by one parent in America. The traditional family in America is coming unraveled. Teenage pregnancies are rising with the added bonus of epidemic veneral disease. Some one said that seventy five percent of America's high school graduates cannot give you the names of the last three presidents of the United States.
The Last Warning

If one accepts the biblical timetable, someday soon Satan's messiah will present Himself. Most Bible scholars agree him to emerge somewhere out of the European Economic Community. Daniel gives a very clear description of a last days European Union reconstructed out of the nations of the Roman Empire of long ago. Daniel describes ten nations coming together in this union, with three of the smaller nations actually merging into one state. 

The rise of the Antichrist will be sudden. In one single hour this new European Union will do its deed, signing over their    legislative and bureaucratic powers to this new dictator who will be universally acclaimed as the world's best hope. The Bible says that in that hour the whole world will marvel and follow after him. The Bible offers a detailed description of Satan's messiah. He will appear on the world's stage as a man of peace. He shall cause craft to prosper. After a collapse of the world's monetary system, he will assume control and usher in a few years of unprecedented and spectacular prosperity and peace. Eventually, he will have a mystical or spiritual following. The Bible says that he will be wounded in the head and yet he will miraculously recover. He will have a New Age following. A great religious leader, described in the Bible as the false prophet, will influence all organized religion to unite. "Why do we need Christ?" people will ask. "Haven't millions of people died fighting over Christ? Here is a man of peace. We have it all right here. He has been assassinated and come back from the dead. What more could you ask?“ The Antichrist will even tackle the centuries-old problems of the Middle East. He will bring the peace treaty between the Arabs and Israel. People will call him a man of peace, but in fact, a beast, the Son of Perdition, meaning that the "Chief Son of Satan." 

In the last days, Solomon's Temple will be rebuilt. In the middle of his treaty with Israel, after three and a half years of peace, the Antichrist will go to Jerusalem and walk into the Temple and formally announce to the people of the world what so many of them had already been saying, "You want God? I am God.“ Daniel, John, and the Bible calls it "the abomination." And the Bible describes a two hundred million men army from the East that will close in on Jerusalem. And one third of the earth's living creatures and plants will be destroyed. One third of all  life in the seas will be contaminated. It will be the time before His second coming.